Friday, April 20, 2007

Back in the saddle

So where did the 3 o'clock blog go? To be honest, I've been a little lazy, but mainly because I just got a new one of these babies.

Not bad, eh? It's a 1.0 release, so there are still a few features to develop and a few bugs to work out, but on the whole, we're very pleased with it.

Back on Monday with lots of tech related stuff to show you.


David S. said...

Welcome back, pard'ner. We kept your spot by the campfire warm.

David S. said...

And how can we suggest ideas for you to write about? A common tag works well... (I can never remember where the dots go.)

Ian H said...

Of course you can -- just tell me what this common tag is? (I am just a caveman).

David S. said...

Great, hi-tech comments from a caveman, JUST what we need ;-)

You can tell everyone to use the tag 3oclock on to highlight any interestng stories they think you should consider.

The page then summarizes them all.

( I got this idea from for This Week in Media )

Anonymous said...

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