Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smart DB2 searches

As a follow up to my earlier post about using keyword searches in Firefox, it's simple to run searches of the DB2 documentation, straight from your Firefox address bar:
  1. Create a new bookmark. Select "Organize Bookmarks" from your Bookmarks menu, then click "New Bookmark..."
  2. In the Properties for the new bookmark, fill out the fields as follows:
    Name: DB2 Quick Search
    Keyword: db2
    Description: DB2 Information Center Quick Search
  3. Click OK
Now you can run all your DB2 documentation searches from the Firefox address bar by simply typing db2 in the address bar (e.g. "db2 db2look")


Fred said...

That's pretty slick. Thanks, Ian!

Antonio Cangiano said...

Hi Ian,

you may be interested in the Firefox 2 and IE 7 OpenSearch plugin for DB2, available from here:

Antonio Cangiano
IBM Torolab

Ian H said...

Hi Antonio,

Don't worry -- I'm well aware of the DB2 search plugin: I helped David to test it during development.

The smart search option is great if you want to get rid of the Firefox search bar altogether, yet still retain the ability to search the DB2 Information Center.

db2 said...

Nice info

Natalia said...

Thanks for writing this.

Ian H said...

I should point out that the URL has changed for DB2 Version 9.5. It is now:

z said...

Update: A URL for a quicksearch of just DB2 10.5 content in the new Knowledge Center:

Ian Hakes said...

Thanks z! Very useful update for the new IBM Knowledge Center.